The GoodBye Chain Group

Product Exemption Evaluations…because every exemption saves you cost and effortREACH, RoHS and WEEE have product exemptions. If an exemption applies to any of your products, it could substantially lower your cost of compliance and your staff load.

In the last year, GCG has evaluated more than 150 products for their REACH, RoHS and/or WEEE exempt/non-exempt status. The process is fast and straightforward: You give us the product information. We match it against the Regulations and Directive, and guidance documents. We then provide you with our evaluation, citing chapter and verse and recommending courses of action. Subsequently, if you claim an exemption, you have third-party documentation for your claim. Having this documentation represents a reasonable, due diligence step.

Key questions:

· Do you have products that could benefit from a third-party evaluation?
· If you have products that were determined exempt, how much time and cost savings might you realize?
· If you didn't need to register for WEEE, convert immediatly to RoHS, or obtain authorisation for REACH, what impact would that have on your core business?