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WEEE Registration…because there’s only a handful of companies in the world that have the time, staff or funds to track all the global WEEE programs  Over thirty WEEE programs in the EEA (EU +EFTA). Over 60 WEEE-like bills introduced into 38 US states since 2003, with 50 laws passed, more pending, and a federal bill in the works. Then there are the WEEE-like bills in 8 Canadian provinces, with a mulit-province plan under consideration. Other major geographies with WEEE- type legislation include China, Japan, and Central and South America. WEEE-compliance is a nightmare - even for several GCG multi-billion dollar customers. With thousands of employees, none of them has “collecting WEEE registration forms” or “completing individual waste management plans” in their job description.With GCG’s WEEE services, you can sleep at night. We can cite WEEE chapter and verse. We know the registration bodies, compliance schemes and pan-EU recycling management companies.We call Europe more times in a week than we used to call in a year.Recently, GCG:· Pinpointed the routes-to-market and appropriate sales for a global medical company· Helped a small terminal equipment manufacturer to build an individual waste management plan, as part of registering in Belgium · Assisted a broadcast equipment OEM in determining its registration requirements in Ireland, Spain and 8 other countries, as well as designing a program to assist its distributors in registeringKey Questions:· Do you understand all the different WEEE “flavors”?· Do you have the resources to track all those requirements?· Wouldn’t it be easier, faster and even cheaperif someone walked you through the process and even headed up your core WEEE team?