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REACH updates are occurring constantly...  

Here you will find the latest running totals for the REACH SVHC candidate list, authorisation list, and SIN list, plus some of the latest news alerts from the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA.

REACH Running Totals: 

SVHC Candidate List (CL): 205beakers

Substances on Annex XIV for Authorisation: 43

Substitute it Now (SIN) List: 991

SIN List Database: click here

For REACH Annex XVII, the Restricted Substance List, click here. For the Registry of Intentions on ECHA's website click here. This registry allows interested parties to be aware of substances that might be identified as SVHCs before they are included on the candidate list.

The SVHC candidate list is updated regularly by ECHA the new total is 205 SVHCs as of January 16th, 2020. Tracking the changes in SVHCs in your supply chain can be daunting, but using GCG’s MDW-ES product environmental compliance software you can track materials and substances for REACH, RoHS and other environmental legislation. With MDW-ES you will be able to quickly and easily re-evaluate and update your product status each time the SVHC list is updated. MDW-ES provides you with the tools for REACH SVHC management and Article 33 Reporting.

Breaking News: 

Latest news alerts from ECHA: 

Europa Press Release: